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At 3SG+ we help our customers make better decisions, faster. Our innovative scalable software and custom solutions enable federal, state and local governments; private and public companies and universities; energy providers and transportation departments; with the ability to solve business process challenges. We provide dynamically progressive solutions and services for Software Development, Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Document Conversion. We deliver this by supporting and working with our clients to provide cost-effective integrated computer applications and software tools to help them answer questions, solve problems, and meet their needs and requirements to efficiently accomplish their goals for success. Visit us at


Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo, was founded in 1991 in order to solve problems and create insights for local and state government using geospatial Information Technology (geospatial IT), and throughout its history, AppGeo has listened carefully to and pursued the interests of its customers.

What distinguishes AppGeo today is our breadth of knowledge and experience with today’s leading GIS platforms and supporting technologies (Google, Esri, CartoDB, Boundless, Open Source, MapBox, Safe Software and others). This allows us to put our customers’ concerns first and to apply the appropriate combination of one or more technologies to each job.

Need to refresh a GIS plan, update some data, or geoenable a key work process? You can contact us through or by calling 617-447-2400.


CAI Technologies, originally named Cartographic Associates, Inc., was founded in 1985 as a municipal mapping company. Since that time, and to meet clients’ growing needs, CAI Technologies has become a leader in GIS solutions, while still providing a wide spectrum of mapping services. Throughout this growth and expansion of services, the company has never lost sight of the importance of providing top-quality and cost-effective services. As a direct result of that guiding principle and the commitment of the entire CAI Technologies staff, the company serves nearly 400 local governments and large regional utilities.

Our services include:

  •     Geographic Information System (GIS) design, implementation, and maintenance.
  •     AxisGIS, web-based GIS.
  •     Public Works Information Management (PWIM) GIS for utilities.
  •     Customized desktop, web and mobile GIS solutions.
  •     Municipal mapping, including record research and compilation.
  •     Utility infrastructure mapping.
  •     GPS data collection and integration.
  •     Overlay data development and integration.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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  CDM Smith provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to public and private clients worldwide.  As a full-service consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm, we deliver exceptional client service, quality results and enduring value across the entire project life-cycle.

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Col-East is the leading aerial survey company in the Northeastern United States, specializing in providing the region with high quality aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping products and services. With a pedigree stretching back over 65 years, we have earned a reputation for accuracy, quality, customer service, and timeliness.  Headquartered in North Adams, Massachusetts, we are well located to provide fast response to our customers. Col-East is able to bring you the most up-to-date digital aerial survey equipment, including an UltraCam Eagle survey cameras and an Optech Galaxy LiDAR sensor.  The systems are supported by a highly experienced and very friendly team, including qualified photogrammetrists and technicians, who produce the best topographic mapping and true-orthophotos in the region.

Col-East is now part of the Bluesky International group, the leading aerial survey and GIS data company in the UK and Republic of Ireland, and has access to its huge data processing centre. With the quality of data and speed of service, you might find that now is the time to explore utilizing aerial survey to help you save time and money…we are just a short flight from Connecticut and our survey aircraft is waiting to capture your area!




Founded in 1989 and based out of Montreal, CONSORTECH is an industry leader in data integration, processing, and automation with cutting-edge expertise in geospatial and enterprise data. Our company helps government entities and private organizations better manage their land and infrastructure, while leveraging the existing IT architecture in place.


Consortech offers unique consulting services that help organizations take complete advantage of all their data through the advanced use of a neutral ETL technology.  As a Platinum partner for Safe Software (FME), our certified FME professionals create intelligent connections between systems, databases and business groups. We take existing manual data tasks and create automated data workflows and services that save significant time, resources, and money.


Our mission is to help organizations gain better access to high-quality and enriched data on which they can confidently base decisions for the benefit of their communities. Smart Cities, Open Data and Digital Connectivity (IoT): Consortech stands out because of its ability to open up new opportunities by increasing the value of underutilized data.

Dawood Engineering, Inc. (Dawood) provides Geographic Information System (GIS) services in all of our service areas, including Energy, Transportation, and Land Development. GIS serves as a data liaison between departments and ensures data integrity and quality assurance, which is vital with the integration of various softwares.  Dawood's GIS Certified Professionals and Specialists are able to visualize project data and then answer questions and solve problems from a spatial perspective.   The power of GIS becomes apparent when managing, analysis and displaying all forms of geographically referenced data. By incorporating GIS procedures developed by Dawood, we were able to trim at least "two weeks’ time for every five miles” of pipeline deliverables for an energy client.

GIS Services:

  • ·       Data Management
  • ·       Site Location Analysis
  • ·       Viewshed Analysis
  • ·       Feasibility Studies
  • ·       Impact Calculations
  • ·       CAD/GIS Integration
  • ·       Corridor Selection
  • ·       Network Analysis
  • ·       Transportation Modeling
  • ·       Facility Management
  • ·       Web-based GIS Mapping and Analysis
  • ·       ROW Acquisition and Progress Reporting

For more information visit our website:

The Jones Payne Group is a nationally recognized leader in the planning and implementation of programs that focus on renovating and improving existing buildings to preserve the built environment of America’s communities.    Since 1996, we’ve helped local city and tribal government agencies, airport and transit authorities, non-profits, and property managers, address a variety of complex challenges with solutions that combine technology, geospatial thinking, and community-based solutions.  We are uniquely qualified to help agencies that manage programs which impact people, buildings, and places because we are architects, planners, managers, and technologists who are adept at linking these disciplines to help organizations solve complex community-focused problems.

Take advantage of our extensive experience with assessing existing conditions, field data collection, asset management, system integration and data migration and integration. We work with a broad range of technological solutions including proprietary software, web APIs, structured SQL, cloud systems such as Salesforce® and mobile phone applications. Using commercial GIS systems, open source GIS solutions, and hybrid approaches, we create web-based, desktop and mobile applications to support the efforts of municipalities, transportation agencies and community-focused organizations so they can better serve their neighborhoods and areas of impact. Most important to us is creating the right-sized systems and tools that can sustainably meet our clients’ needs today and grow with them in the future.

Spatial Relationships, LLC provides on-demand teams of expert Geospatial Professionals to ensure organizations have the capability to deliver on existing and future goals, manage business risk, and increase profitability.

Think of us as your geospatial concierge.  Our "concierge services" provide resources and solutions for planned or abrupt disruptions as well as future projects.  These can include:

  • Being a key person down planned leave or unexpected departure
  • Technical requirements fill skills, knowledge and training gaps
  • Budget constraints less than anticipated funds for the same scope of work
  • Capacity constraints completing urgent priorities for overbooked staff

Spatial Relationships, LLC was born out of the necessity to create new flexible and affordable ways to work that support organizations to manage ever-increasing demands as well as the need to support the community of Geospatial Professionals.

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At Tighe & Bond it’s all about you. We take our commitment to satisfied clients and high quality services very seriously.

  • We listen
  • We ask questions
  • We find solutions

Founded in 1911, Tighe & Bond is one of the most experienced engineering firms serving New England. We deliver responsive, comprehensive services to public and private clients in government, industry, health care, education, real estate, energy and water/wastewater markets. Our service offering includes environmental engineering and consulting, civil engineering, geographic information systems, geotechnical, structural and electrical engineering, and systems integration. With a staff of more than 230 professionals, the firm has offices in Westfield, Worcester, and Pocasset, Massachusetts; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; and Shelton and Middletown, Connecticut.

Engineering News-Record annually ranks Tighe & Bond among the top design and environmental engineering firms nationally. ZweigWhite recognized Tighe & Bond as one of the Best Engineering Firms to work for in the nation at its 2012 Best Firms to Work for Summit in Seattle, Washington.

Experience our Solutions.

Visit us at

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VHB offers a wide range of services in the transportation, real estate, institution, energy, and local, state, and federal government markets.  We are passionate about making meaningful contributions to the world through the work that we do. We’re proud, yet humbled, to have been doing this for 35 years. As a team, 1,100 strong across 23 offices from Florida to Maine, we are eager to deliver value by embracing our clients’ goals, anticipating challenges, building lasting partnerships, and always providing a smooth ride. Our professional staff includes technologists, engineers, scientists, planners, and designers.

VHB’s Innovative Technologies practice looks for ways to provide clients with better service and smarter solutions that can save time and money while delivering value on time and on budget. We actively foster a culture of innovation where our professionals work to understand the challenges clients face and then deploy technology in application development, geospatial solutions, and visualization to address those challenges. As a solutions provider, consultant, and a user of GIS, we are active in the GIS community and continuously research and deploy solutions based on the best of breed technologies. Our Esri Business Partner relationship, ArcGIS Online Specialty Campaign certification, and our expertise with the SharePoint platform enable us to provide solutions that help our clients move their projects forward.

In short, we know how to facilitate the use and integration of spatial information technology to get superior, tangible, and lasting results.

Look for us at:

HERE, a Nokia company, is a global leader in the mapping and location intelligence business rooted in almost three decades of experience in cartography.  Formerly known as NAVTEQ and Nokia Location & Commerce, our vision is simple: offer the world's best maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems. We want to help people navigate their lives with ease and confidence every day and everywhere. We believe that giving people a better and deeper sense of location will be essential to live a modern urbanized life.  Our maps can be found in four out of five factory-fit navigation systems in North America and Europe, including ten million new cars sold in 2013.  Our customers include BMW, Garmin, Toyota, Yahoo and many more.

Today, we provide leadership and solutions to inspire a new generation of experiences:

·        Consumer: Providing breakthrough ways to navigate, see and explore the world on mobile devices - whether you are connected or not

·        Connected Driving: Powering the connected car revolution with solutions and auto-grade quality maps to make drivers aware, safe and more efficient in the car and beyond

·        Enterprise: Transforming businesses through location intelligence

Our business areas leverage offerings, also available to our customers:

·        HERE Map Content: The freshest, richest and most reliable maps, uniting the physical and virtual worlds in 2D and 3D

·        HERE Platform: The world’s most powerful and innovative platform services to enable new location products and services


Have an update for our map?  Please use our Map Creator platform located HERE.  **Contact us when you register in order to be provided editing rights in Map Creator.

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The New England Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (NEURISA) is the professional association of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) practitioners in New England. NEURISA is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization whose mission is to advance the effective and appropriate use of GIS and related information technologies to solve challenges throughout the region.
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